Strange 35 Spline Alloy Axle Package With Spool, Axle Bearings, Retainer Plates & 5/8" Stud Kit


Part Number: P350458S

Alloy axle packages are optimized for street & track use
See our Hy-Tuf axles for maximum torsional strength for all out Drag Racing

Alloy 35 Spline Axle & Spool Applications
Chevy 12 bolt car
Dana 60
Ford 8.8
Ford 9″ (requires 3.250″ bore case)
Mopar 8 3/4″
57-64 Olds / Pontiac

Notes For This Axle Package
All Chevy & Ford 8.8 require replacement 3.150″ housing ends
Packages with C-clip Eliminator kit for OEM housing ends are shown below

This Axle Package Includes:

Alloy Axles – A3500
– Forged from modified 1550 premium steel
– Majority of machining performed before heat treat to provide consistent hardness
– Induction hardened to Rc 58-62 to increase torsional strength while remaining ductile
– Finish machined after heat treat to ensure accuracy
– 35 spline with 30° pressure angle
– Lengths up to 34 1/2″
– Choice of bolt circle
– Forged in the USA
– Designed and machined by Strange Engineering

Choice of Axle Bearings (Maybe limited to housing end type)

Timken® Tapered Unit Bearings – A1013
– Designed for use with 3.150″ housing end
– Best for side loading and high mileage
– Includes outer seals and locking collars
Note- May require new retainer plates if originally use a ball style bearing

Sealed Ball Bearings – A1021 / A1023 * / A1022 * / A1022OB *
– Low friction bearing
– Life reduced during prolonged use
– O.D. grooved for o-ring to eliminate inner axle seal
– Includes o-rings and locking collars

* These bearings include retainer plates

Retainer Plates – A1016 / A1018 / A1114 / H1147B
– For A1013 or A1021 bearings
– New plates ensure proper axle retention

Choice of 5/8″-18 Stud Kit

Bolt Style – See A1027
– 5/8″-18 x 3″ Grade 8 fully threaded bolts
– Thin .200″ hex head provides additional clearance
– Width choice of anti-marring/spacer washers
– Includes threaded sleeves, installation tool & flanged lug nuts

Shank Style – See A1036 / A1037 / A1037MD / A1038 / A1039 / A1041
– 5/8″-18 chrome moly stud available in six different shank lengths
– Width choice of anti-marring/spacer washers
– Includes thin head self locking inner nuts & flanged lug nuts

Lightweight Steel Spool
– Forged from premium 8620 steel
– Surface hardened to Rc 45-48
– Lightened to maximize strength to weight
– Forged in the USA
– Designed and machined by Strange Engineering

Note- See your rear end application for more spool information

Install axle bearings………………… See A1008R
Access hole or extra bolt circle… See A1004

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Street / Track 35 Spline Axle & Spool Packages With C-Clip Eliminator Kit
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35 spline Alloy axles, retainer plates, axle bearings, 5/8″ stud kit, & spool

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