Carbon Drag Brake Kits

Carbon Drag Brake Kits
Strange Carbon Drag Brake Kits are the lightest drag racing brake kits in the industry (at less than 15-pounds for an 11-inch kit). They also deliver with more stopping power and efficiency than any other manufacturer.
Thermal shock can cause cast iron and steel brake rotors to warp and crack. Utilizing a proprietary blend of carbon fiber mixed with carbon matrix, Strange Carbon Drag Brake Kits are virtually immune to thermal shock. The result is a line of drag racing brakes that can withstand the extreme temperatures associated with obtaining maximum speed and returning to a stop within a quarter-mile (or even an eighth-mile). That means no rotor warpage (pulsation when braking) and no brake fade.
Brake rotor and pad wear longevity are complimentary side effects of cooler brakes; as is less brake drag. Strange Carbon Drag Brakes are indispensable for any drag racer seeking to reduce rotational weight and optimize braking efficiency.
Strange Carbon Drag Brake Kits include calipers that are outfitted with patented slider assemblies. The sliders are precision ground and have internal bearings. This prevents caliper sticking and binding that can lead to accelerated pad wear and brake drag. Single and dual piston brake calipers use 1.750-inch and 2-inch pistons for maximum clamping force.

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