Brake Lines and Brake Fittings

Brake Lines and Brake Fittings

Making the switch from OEM or drum brakes is a big step. Once you get the new calipers and rotors installed, you still need to get high-pressure brake fluid to the four corners. Strange Brake Lines and Fittings can help with that.

Directly out of the master cylinder, you need some hard brake line to get you in the neighborhood of those shiny new calipers. Strange Brake Lines are offered in standard 3/16-inch. The 25-foot roll allows you to make all those tricky bends.

Strange stainless-steel braided brake flex hoses bridge the gap between the frame and the spindle or rear end. They are sold with your choice of 90-degree or straight ends. 16-inch to 24-inch lengths are available in two-inch increments. Stainless-steel braided brake flex hoses provide a substantial upgrade over OEM flex hoses.

Strange Brake Line and Fitting Kits include all the flex hoses and fittings you’ll need to plumb particular applications. The Dragster Kit includes all the fittings and steel braided flex hoses required to plumb a dragster. The Front Door Car Kit has all the steel braided flex hoses and fittings needed to plumb a door car with a front mounted engine. The Rear Door Car Kit comes with all the necessary steel braided flex hoses and fittings for a door car with a rear mounted engine. Hard lines are not included in any of the kits.

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