Ford 8.8 Gears

The Ford 8.8 Rear was developed to replace the Ford 9 inch rear end. The Ford 8.8 rear axle has been a staple of the Ford Motor Company in passenger cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles for decades. It was first produced in 1983. The ring gear measures 8.8 inches and this gear is still in production today for a variety of Ford vehicles. Most notably the ford Mustang up until the 2015 model year.

Swapping gears is one of the first performance upgrades recommended for a number of fast drag racing cars. This is not without good reason, not only can it lower your elapsed times, but it gives you a great seat-of-the-pants improvement. Nowhere is this more true than in late-model Ford Mustangs, with a popular choice being the Ford 8.8 4.10 gear.

A wide variety of aftermarket gear ratios are available and Strange carries many Ford 8.8 gears in stock.

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