Rear Street Drum Brakes

Rear Street Drum Brake
Drag racers and automobile enthusiasts trust Strange Engineering for their high performance rear end needs. Who else would they trust for OEM replacement Rear Street Drum Brake kits?
Strange Rear Street Drum Brake Kits (11-inch) fit a 2.780-inch brake register. Drums are drilled on a 5-lug, 4.5 or 4.75-inch bolt pattern. They can be drilled for 5/8-inch studs at a nominal fee. Keep in mind that brake hydraulic hoses and parking brake cables are not included in drum brake kits.
Whether you are installing a complete Strange High Performance Rear End or updating a muscle car, Strange Rear Drum Brake Kits deliver the complete OEM replacement package. Classic vehicles frequently suffer from brake backing plates that are notched from years of wear. These notches may cause brake shoes to stick or springs (and adjuster hardware) to become misaligned. A simple brake job won’t fix the problem, but a drum brake kit from Strange will have you back on the street (or strip) in no time.
Strange Drum Brake Kits are sold with the shoes already built and hung on the backing plate. All you need to do is bolt each side on and bleed the system. Kits include the backing plate, wheel cylinders, bonded brake shoes, hardware kit, adjuster hardware and the parking brake levers.

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