GM 10 Bolt 7.5

GM 10 Bolt 7.5

The smallest of the GM 10 Bolt rear ends is the 7.5. The GM 10 Bolt 7.5 rear end, also known as the AAM 7.5, GM 7.6, and GM 7.625 rear end was the most common housing used in GM G-body car vehicles

It featured a 7.5 inch diameter ring. The GM 7.625 version used a slightly larger 7.625 diameter ring gear. Because both models use the same axle housing, the ring and pinion gears, differential carriers, and all other components are interchangeable between the two axles.

If you are looking to take your 7.5 inch rear end down the strip with a motor that has more than 350 HP you will certainly want to upgrade the internals.

Feel free to call us and help you decide how to gear your car for the street or strip. Or if you know the ring gear ratio you want you can order your ring and pinion gears now on the website now.

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