Drag Race Floater Rear End

Drag Race Floater Kit

The Strange Floater rear end kit for drag racing transforms your conventional solid rear end, in which the axles support the weight of the vehicle, into a floating setup. Our kit is very popular for a Ford 9 inch full floater conversion. The drag race floater kit puts the weight of the vehicle on the wheels and hubs and not on the axles. The result is axles that can handle more power and torque, more efficient transference of power from the center section to the ground, and a vehicle that remains mobile even if an axle is broken.

The Strange Drag Race Full Floater Kit doesn’t stop there. Upgrading from OEM axles (typically 31 to 35-spline) to the 300M and HyTuf axles (40-spline), which are sold separately, yields an even greater degree of durability. Available in solid or lightweight gun-drilled designs, 300M and HyTuf axles are splined on inboard and outboard ends and capable of withstanding more than 3,000 horsepower.

Recent upgrades to the Strange Drag Race Floater Kit include additional load capacity through thicker spindle walls and larger bearings. A new solid preload sleeve ensures precise hub bearing preload and a positive spindle nut locking system makes sure that preload doesn’t change inadvertently. By minimizing the distance between the spindle and wheel mounting surface and increasing the spindle radius by half-an-inch, axle tube integrity is enhanced significantly. Fully machined, press-in wheel studs prevent the stud from coming loose. Each hub and rotor are integrated with mounting lugs so that rotors float and minimize component usage. Steel brake rotors are now thicker and larger in diameter for added braking capacity.

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