Live Axle Rear End

The 9” / 9 1/2” Top Load Live Axle was originally created over three decades ago for the demands of Top Fuel and Funny Cars. Today’s unit has been refined for alcohol racers demanding the least amount of rear end maintenance. This model features a newly designed heavy duty aluminum center piece, accepts 9 inch gears, 9 1/2” or 10″ gear sets, a redesigned aluminum spool, and supplied with 11 1/2” carbon or steel brakes.

The 10 1/2” Live Axle rear end is designed to withstand loads that can destroy many drag racing rear ends. The Strange Live axle provides superior resistance to bending loads in comparison to full floater axle assemblies. Axles in a floater assembly do not contribute to the rigidity of the rear end and place the entire load on the housing.

The 12 1/4” Live Axle rear end is the finest rear end available for Top Fuel and Funny Car. The main housing is unique in both design and material. The top load design coupled with a one piece axle, provides an excellent structural base that maximizes gear life and significantly reduces rear end distortion.

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