Dana 60 rear axle

Dana 60 Rear Axle

Strange Engineering has redesigned the Dana 60 rear axle and we call it the S-60. As the industry leader in high-performance drag racing differentials, drive line components, and suspension parts. Strange is the only place to shop for your custom-made Dana 60 Rear End for street strip or Drag Racing. For more than 50-years Strange has been meticulously crafting every component of our version of the Dana 60 rear axle to the highest standards possible.

The Dana 60 (S60) high performance rear axle gives racing enthusiasts a suitable alternative to the Ford 9 inch rear end. Notable upgrades over the Ford 9-inch include: large modular iron caps and a one-piece center casting for increased rigidity. This translates into a quicker hole-shot and higher trap speed. The Dana 60 (S60) also features ring-and-pinion preload adjuster nuts for easy installation and setup. The S60 is available in any state of build; from a bare housing to a fully-built differential complete with A, E, G or F-Body leaf mounts and any auxiliary mounts required for extreme applications. Not only can Strange Engineering expert sales technicians help you to determine the best Dana 60 gears to meet your high-performance needs; they will assist in selecting every piece of your S60 drag racing rear end.

Each Dana 60 rear end housing is poured from premium, high-ductile, nodular iron before being mated (to exacting tolerances) with a pair of lightweight, chrome moly main bearing caps and a set of high-tensile strength main cap bolts. Precision mating of the lightweight main caps to the S60 rear end housing provides an unyielding framework that ensures ease of installation and maximum longevity of the carrier assembly, as well as the ring gear and pinion.

Once the S60 rear end housing is certified, it is built to your specifications using premium components of your choosing. Including are a set of Dana 60 ring and pinion gears. A set of Dana 60, 35 or 40 Spline Pro Race axles are fabricated to fit the axle tube length and the axles are studded to specifications. Premium bearing sets are offered in your choice of either round or tapered steel roller bearings.
Once your S60 is fully built, it is painstakingly checked again by Strange Engineering quality control professionals to ensure that it exceeds industry standards. Strange is your key to winning more races.

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