GM 10 Bolt 8.2

GM 10 bolt 8.2

The GM 10 bolt 8.2 gear is smaller than the GM 12 bolt 8.875 gear. These dimensions refer to the ring gear diameters (the 8.2 dimension is really 8.125) and as you might expect, the larger the ring gear, the better tooth contact between the ring and pinion.

However the reason people build these for drag racing is that it takes less power to move a smaller ring and pinion. If you use high quality parts, and set it up correctly, it will serve you well.

To improve the strength of the 10-bolt would be to upgrade the axles, and the ring gear. Aftermarket GM 10 bolt 8.2 gears are made to be stronger than OEM gears. Also with a new master rebuild kit, which comes with Timken bearings, will ensure greater strength and durability.

Strange Engineering only uses the highest quality Ring and Pinion GM 10 Bolt Gears available from U.S. Gear, Motive Gear and Dana/Spicer. We offer ring and pinion GM 10 Bolt 8.2 gears in all the ratios, diameters and spline counts you’re looking for to complete your drag car build.

Feel free to call us and help you decide how to gear your car for the street or strip. Or if you know the ring gear ratio you want you can order your ring and pinion gears now on the website now.

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