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Housing Ends And Housing Parts

As the perfect complement to your recently narrowed rear end, or the final accessory on your carefully crafted Strange complete high-performance rear end, Strange Engineering offers machined housing (axle tube ends) MADE IN THE USA from forged steel.

Are your axles out of alignment with your rear end housing? Maybe it’s the brakes that just don’t line up properly. Did you know that even slight discrepancies can lead to accelerated and uneven pad and shoe wear, rotor and drum warpage, fluid leaks, and even axle hub breakage? It can also put axle bearings in a degree of stress that can lead to axle and axle tube damage and reduced life span. Replacing your old axle tube ends with a fresh set of Strange premium housing ends may allow you to realign your axle and brake mounting surfaces for optimum durability and longevity.

If the ends on your axle tube have been damaged or worn, Strange housing ends may offer an economical alternative to complete rear end replacement. Strange housing ends are application specific and offered for many popular makes and models of performance vehicles. They are designed to be butt welded using an alignment bar. With the proper tools and equipment, this process is relatively straightforward and has proven to be a very successful method of repair or upgrade.
Many Strange axle tube ends are now configured to include an inner oil seal. This design can be especially helpful when axles are worn or damaged where factory seals make contact. A special axle lock ring and seal may be required with this type of assembly.

The Strange housing end identification chart displays illustrations from all three domestic automakers, Oldsmobile, and several generic designs. Height, width, and diameter dimensions are also displayed, along with stud and bolt size and configuration data.

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