Nodular Case

Nodular Iron Case

The Strange Pro Nodular Iron Case is easily recognizable with its substantial vertical and horizontal ribbed design. If that is not enough, the Strange moniker is embossed near the main cap area. Alone, these two characteristics let serious racers know this is a component they can trust. Together, they signify optimum strength and maximum ductility.

The Strange Engineering propriety blend of nodular iron combines cast iron with various bonding agents to render D-4512 nodular iron. D-4512 is up to 10-percent stronger than the iron used in factory rear ends and up to 20-percent more ductile. This means that the Strange Case is less susceptible to breakage from sudden and excessive amounts of torque while remaining flexible enough to resist the bends and curves of everyday driving.

The Strange Pro Nodular Iron Case features a patented system of lubrication channels that make it the longest lasting case on the market. After all, gear lube is the life’s blood of any rear end. Extra-beefy (especially in the areas of the pinion and carrier bearings), the Strange Pro Nod Iron Case is manufactured with heavy-duty vertical and horizontal ribs. The pinion bearing area and the corners around the carrier bearings is reinforced with more D-4512 nodular iron to ensure that internal rear end components (ring gear, pinion, and carrier) remain where they belong. The thicker construction also helps to minimize deflection from the demanding degrees of torque often associated with drag racing.

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