GM 8.6 IRS

GM 8.6 IRS Gear

One of the biggest design changes from previous Camaro models is the new “4.5-link independent rear suspension” that is found exclusively on the new Camaro.

As soon as enthusiasts got their hands on them and they started to reveal the limitations of the stock components. Strange immediately got to work on an improved rear for the 2010-2015 Camaro.

The factory 218 mm or 8.6 IRS Gear Independent rear end in the V8 Camaros become a concern around the 500 plus horsepower mark. A common failure is cracked and failed gear teeth. The familiar tire shake these cars are known for in stock form also shortens gear life.

The Strange 9.75 Rear End would be a great upgrade if someone was looking for a strength improvement from the 218 mm rear, but not wanting to take on the big weight penalty of the stock ZL1 Camaro rear end.

The heart of the Strange 2010 Camaro rear end is the Dana 60 gear set. Dana 60 components were selected for this application because of the exceptional strength of the gear set. The GM 8.6 IRS Gears are available in 3.54, 3.73, 4.10, 4.30, and 4.56 ratios. In addition to being physically larger than the industry-benchmark Ford 9-inch gearset, the Dana 60 has less hypoid pinion offset, which reduces parasitic drag and increases efficiency.

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