Fabricated 9 inch Housing

Fabricated 9 inch Rear End
Hooking hard to the right or left out of the hole? Difficult to tell what your ride will do under full throttle? Consider the Strange Ultra Fab 9 Rear End Housing Center. Manufactured from .125” thick alloy steel, with a heavy-duty .375” thick face plate, this high-performance rear end center housing could be a solution for the dreaded unpredictable holeshot and result in a reduction in elapsed times.

Designed to accept 9”, 9.5”, or 10” diameter ring gear (with or without heavy-duty main caps), the Ultra Fabricated Center features a triangulated design with internal radial gusset plates. This patented design provides the increased overall housing stiffness needed to produce more consistent launches.

These 9 inch rear ends are manufactured with an oversize drain plug and an oversize filler plug. This allows fluid to be drained and filled rapidly. It also provides large openings for ease of inspection. All Ultra Fabricated center sections come with the front mounting studs already installed.

Ultra Fabricated Housing
Two separate Ultra Fabricated center sections are offered; one for 3” outside diameter (O.D.) axle tubes and another for 3.25” O.D. axle tubes. Axle tube wall thickness is .250”. Center sections are internally gusset slotted so that the axle tubes may slide in a full 5” and become fully engaged before being welded completely and securely near the face plate. Axle tubes are welded 360-degrees around the exterior of the center section, to the housing slots, and to the gusset, internally.
Mounts are welded to the axle tubes next, followed by the axle tube ends. This ensures precise alignment of tube ends to the center section. Mount position and design may effect axle tube diameter selection. The optional rear brace (if selected) for a fab 9 rear end will also be welded onto the housing before the axle tube ends.

If you feel that your vehicle has reached a level of horsepower that permits vicious launches, an optional back brace may be welded along the rear of the housing. The rear brace can virtually eliminate housing and tube flex often associated with harsh acceleration.

Durable black satin powder coat finish is available on all Strange Ultra Fabricated Housings.

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