Strange Ultra Fab 9" Housing Fits GM A-Body Applications Includes Mounts, Ends, Fill, Drain, & Vent


Part Number: HF9GAMEUF

GM A-Body Vehicles

DOMEX 100XF Material
• Extra high strength cold formed steel
• Utilized in top tier NASCAR housings
• Equivalent strength of chromoly
• Less prone to fatigue cracking than chromoly
• Highly ductile in the weld zone affected by heat
• Low carbon easily MIG or TIG welded

• Triangulated Ridge Design
• Constructed From .125″ material
• Heavy Duty .375″ Face Plate
• Internal Radial Gusset Plates
• Tube locations Slotted & Welded For 5″
• Clearance Provided For Cases With HD Main Caps
• Housing Will Accept 9″, 9 1/2″, or 10″ Development Gear Sets

GM A-Body Mounts
Multiple Lower Control Arm Mounting Holes
(Not Offered In ’73-’77 Applications)
3″ x .250″ Wall Tubes
Choice of Housing Ends
Center Section Studs
Fill Plug, Drain, & Vent

Custom Widths Available At No Additional Charge

Powder coat housing… H1199P-BLK
Install back brace…………. H1128N

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


Ultra Fab Ford 9 in Rear End for GM A Body

Ultra Fabricated housing centers are constructed from .125” alloy steel with a heavy duty .375” face plate. Triangulated design provides rigid housing tube support for more consistent and straighter launches. Internal radial gusset plates brace end of housing tube and increase overall housing stiffness. Tube insertion locations are slotted for 5” to allow complete and secure welding of the tubes to the housing. The housing is designed to provide the clearance necessary for cases with heavy duty main caps and also allowing the use of 9”, 9 1/2”, or 10” gear sets. The H1110UF housing center is designed to accept 3” OD tubing and the H1112UF is for 3 1/4”. Both housing centers come equipped with center section studs installed.

The housing is fitted with fill and drain plugs, tubed with .250” wall, 3” mild steel tubing, and choice A body mounts and housing ends. This configuration is the safest way to maintain the proper alignment of the housing ends. The fixturing and welding of the housing ends is always our last operation. For vehicles that will see very hard launches, there is an option to weld a back brace along the rear of the housing. It is designed to eliminate housing and tube flex that can occur under harsh conditions. An optional satin black powder coat finish is also available.