Strange HD Ford 9" Housing - Less Mounts
With Fill, Drain, & Ends


Part Number: HF9E

Strange HD Ford 9″ Housing – Less Mounts

Additional Welding Should Only Be Performed By An Experienced Welder
Housing end alignment can be compromised causing serious issues

Information Needed
3″ or 3 1/4″ tubing
Housing ends
Housing width
Pinion offset

Center HousingH1110 / H1112
• Constructed from .141″ mild steel
• Heavy duty .282″ thick face plate
• Internal gussets provide rigidity and support axle tubes
• Slots allow exceptional weld contact of housing to tubes
• Extended cover provides clearance for 9″ & 9 1/2″ gear sets

Fill & Drain plugs
• Facilitate fluid changes
• Allows for inspection of ring gear

Housing TubingH1139 / H1141
• DOM 1026 steel
• 3″ or 3 1/4″ OD
• .250″ wall thickness

• Prevents build-up of internal pressure
• Ensures sealing integrity

Housing Ends
• Forged steel
• Choice of Strange end

Professionally Welded
• Jig welded to ensure proper alignment
• Tubes internally & externally welded to housing
• Provides maximum support & rigidity
• Exceptional weld quality

Gasket – H1111S

Alloy axle package – P3502 / P350258
Drag Race axle package – P1007 / P100758

Street brakes – B2708WC / B2709WC
Drag brakes – B1710WC / B1710WC2S

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Available for Drag Race Only, Street / Track, and Performance Street Vehicles

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


Ford 9in Housing with Ends no Mounts

This housing is fitted with fill and drain plugs to facilitate faster fluid changes, it is tubed with mild steel tubing, and choice of housing ends. Larger tubing is stronger, but the intended mounts may dictate tube diameter. Since the builder will be installing their own mounts, extreme care must be taken during the welding process as housing end alignment can be compromised.

The Housing Centers

Strange’s 9 inch center is constructed from .141” mild steel with a heavy-duty .282” faceplate. Tube insertion locations are slotted to allow complete and secure welding of the tubes to the housing. Internal plates gusset the housing and provide internal support to the ends of the tubes. The cover is designed to provide the clearance necessary for cases with heavy-duty main caps and also allow the use of 9 1/2” ring and pinion gear sets.

You can choose between 3” or 3 1/4” mild steel tubing in a .250” wall. The tubing is installed deep into the housing until fully engaged into the internal gusset near the faceplate. Using an alignment jig, the tubing is welded 360 degrees to the outside of the housing, along the housing slots, as well as to the internal gusset. Mounts are to be attached to the jig and welded to the tubes. Lastly, the housing ends are welded after all other welding is complete to ensure perfect alignment with the center section.

A Welding Jig May Be Required

A Ford 9in housing without mounts is only for the builder that will be installing their own mounts. Care must be taken to avoid warping the tubes causing housing end misalignment. A welding jig should be used to verify housing end alignment after all other welding has been completed.


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