Alloy Axle Package 28, 30 & 31 Spline
Axles, Bearings, & Studs


Part Number: P3102

Alloy Axles are Optimized for Street & Track
Provides greater torsional strength while retaining flexibility

For Pure Drag Racing – P1007

Application & Spline Available
Chevy 8.5 10 bolt * – 28 / 30
Chevy 12 bolt car * – 30
Ford 8.8 * – 31
Ford 9″ ** – 28 / 31
Mopar 8 3/4″ * – 30

* With aftermarket 3.150″ housing ends
** With OEM or aftermarket 3.150″ housing ends

Mopar 2.875″ Ends or Small Ford 2.834″ Ends – P3104

Chevy 12 Bolt or Ford 8.8 with OEM Ends
See axle packages with eliminator kits

More Applications Are Available in 35 Spline – P3502


Alloy AxlesA3100
• Forged from modified 1550 premium steel
• Majority of machining performed before heat treat
• Provides consistent material hardness
• Induction hardened to Rc 58-62
• Increases torsional strength while remaining ductile
• Finish machined after heat treat to ensure trueness
• Choice of bolt circle
• Forged in the USA
• Designed and machined by Strange Engineering

Choice of Axle Bearing
Limited to 3.150″ Housing Ends
All others will be a sealed ball bearing

Tapered BearingsA1013
• For 3.150″ housing ends
• Best option for extended use and high mileage
• Includes outer seals and locking collars

Ball BearingsA1021
• For 3.150″ housing ends
• Low friction bearing
• Life reduced during prolonged use
• External O-ring eliminates inner axle seal
• Includes locking collars

Strange Rear Brake Kits Require Ball Bearings
Caliper mount relief isn’t correct for tapered bearings

Choice of Press-in or Screw-in Wheel Studs
• Press-in 7/16″-20 studs – A3130
• Press-in 1/2″-20 studs – A3121 / A3151
• Screw-in 1/2″-20 studs 2″ long * – A1025
• Screw-in 1/2″-20 studs 3″ long * – A1026
• Screw-in M12-1.5 studs 50mm long * – A1035

* Length measured from underneath the hex of the stud

Labor Option
Install axle bearings – A1008
Access hole or extra bolt circle – A1004


28, 30 and 31 spline alloy axle package

Each Strange forged alloy steel custom axle is manufactured to your exact specifications.

To provide greater flexibility Strange axles are CNC precision machined from premium forged alloy steel then they are induction hardened to resist bending loads. When axles are intended for use in street applications this is very important.

We Cut Before Heat Treatment, Not After.

Strange axles go through an induction hardening process. This specific type of induction hardening is used to treat all Strange alloy steel axles.

This process allows the axles to survive the bending loads associated with street usage. We can not stress enough the importance that Strange Engineering does all of its machine work on the splines prior to heat treatment. This allows for consistent heat treat depth, leading to a stronger axle. Be aware that some companies heat-treat the materials before the splines are machined into the axle, which causes it to be weaker despite the shiny look.

Strange axles are manufactured with a larger than stock axle bearing diameter area (1.563-inch). To minimize stress concentration in the bearing area the Strange axle shoulder is designed to accept a larger radius ring.


28 Spine axle applications cover; Chevy 10 bolt, Ford 8.8 and Ford 9 in.

30 Spine axle applications cover; Chevy 12 bolt, and Mopar 8 3/4

31 Spine axle applications cover; Ford 8.8 and Ford 9 in.

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