Mopar 8.75 Gears

Mopar 8.75 Gears

The Chrysler 8.75 rear end was the primary axle assembly used in some high performance Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth cars through 1973. This rear end features a drop-out style carrier with a Mopar 8.75 gear.

This axle can easily be identified by its drop-out style 3rd member and the following markings: The ‘741’ (41 case housing) will usually have a large ‘X’ cast on the left side, the ‘742’ (42 case housing) usually has a large ‘2’ cast on the left side of the carrier, and the ‘489’ (89 case housing) will have a large ‘9’ cast on the left side.

Strange Engineering only uses the highest quality Ring and Pinion Gears available from U.S. Gear, Motive Gear and Dana/Spicer. We offer ring and pinion Mopar 8.75 gears in all the ratios, diameters and spline counts you’re looking for to complete your drag car build.

Feel free to call us and help you decide how to gear your car for the street or strip. Or if you know the ring gear ratio you want you can order your ring and pinion gears now on the website now.

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