12 Bolt Drop-Out

12-Bolt Drop-Out (Case Discontinued) Installation Kits Available

With its high quality aluminum housing, the Strange 12-Bolt Drop-Out Center Section is lighter than conventional center sections. It allows you to use a factory-style housing or develop a custom-fabricated sheet metal rear end to meet your requirements. When it comes to shaving those crucial thousandths-of-a-second off your elapsed time, you may have to look deeper than just under the hood – or even the transmission. The type of rear end that you run could be robbing you of valuable horsepower.
For years, racers have put their trust in the bulletproof Ford 9-inch design. With its front-loading design and deeply meshed ring and pinion teeth, the 9-inch platform is strong, durable, and convenient for set up.

In contrast, the GM 12-bolt (ring gear) rear end is desirable because the ring and pinion do not mesh as deeply as those of the 9-inch. Since the pinion of the 12-bolt rear end is driven by a single mesh gear, instead of the dual mesh gear design of the 9-inch differential, less internal friction is created during operation. Believe it or not – this can result in a horsepower savings of five to seven-percent at the drive wheels and lower elapsed times. Lower internal friction means lower lube temperature and efficiency. If your race car makes 500hp, that could mean a net savings of 35hp to the pavement.
Question is, how can you get the benefits of the 12-bolt differential in a Ford 9-inch package? The answer? The Strange 12-Bolt Drop Out Center Section. It is a 9-inch center section made to accommodate a 12-bolt spool or differential.

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