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From the early days, in an old shop on Howard Street in Chicago, Strange Engineering has led the industry with an innovative focus. It was in that shop, during the early 1970s, that Bernard Green (Green Bearing) brought a special – safer – type of axle bearing to our attention.

This special bearing, now called an 8.8 C Clip Eliminator or a 12-Bolt C Clip Eliminator, was not only safer; it was also much more durable. With a 1.140-inch inside diameter and low friction design, the C-Clip Eliminator could accommodate a thicker axle shoulder and broader bearing contact surface area than OEM bearings. The 3.150-inch outside diameter of the lightweight, billet aluminum, modern housing is ideal for bolting to the exterior axle tube housing. They are configured using low-friction ball bearings. This type of bearing delivers a dramatic reduction in rotational loss but is not suitable for non-race use. Street, Street/Strip, and Circle Track C-Clip Eliminator Kits utilize tapered axle bearings making them better suited for applications which require extended use.

Such NHRA Pro Stock pioneers as Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins and Joe Satmay were among the first to realize the advantages of the 8.8-inch C-Clip Eliminator and 12-bolt C-Clip Eliminator for drag racing applications. Now, many NHRA Classes require use of a C-Clip Eliminator type axle bearing.

Under the extreme circumstances of drag racing, axles that are retained using only a small c-clip can lead to catastrophic results. If the c-clip breaks or comes off, the wheel and the entire axle may separate from the differential housing. This can be a danger to vehicle occupants and bystanders, alike. By using the Strange Kit you can ensure that the axle remains inside the housing. The Bearing is pressed onto the axle shoulder and pinched between two billet aluminum C-Clip Eliminator housing halves, before the housing is bolted to the axle tube. Using the C-Clip Eliminator results in a much safer and more durable design.

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