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Whatever your racing pleasure, the more power your vehicle makes, the greater the number of regulations with which you will be faced. If you have been to the drag strip, you know that wheel studs are one of the most scrutinized areas when it comes to vehicle safety and racer regulation.

It is for this reason that Strange Engineering offers numerous choices in high-performance wheel studs and wheel stud kits. Racers from every competitive field trust the Strange Engineering name. For more than fifty-years, Strange has provided speed enthusiasts with complete rear ends and rear end parts; including specialty and high-performance wheel studs and wheel stud kits.

Strange Wheel Stud Kits are available in multiple designs, various lengths, and several diameters. Wheel studs, nuts, and washers may be configured of chrome moly steel, conventional steel, and aluminum. Wheel stud kits are sold in sets of ten with installation hardware included.

Strange Engineering employs a stringent manufacturing process, combined with the finest materials available, to deliver wheel stud kits that are able to withstand the increased shock loads which accompany extreme degrees of horsepower and torque. Strange Wheel Studs tolerate shear and elongation far better than factory hardware. That makes for a safer and more productive race car.

Wheel stud sizes include ½-inch, 5/8-inch, and metric; in press-in and screw-in varieties. Wheel stud kits include nuts and anti-marring washers in various sizes, to accommodate today’s diverse number of custom wheels. Lug nuts, spacers, and locking nuts are also included where applicable. Lightweight aluminum wheel lug nuts and washers are also an option.

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