Carbon Pads and Rotors

Attention drag racers: When you absolutely must have the most capable drag racing brakes available, choose Strange Carbon Brake Pads and Rotors. Strange Carbon Brakes are designed for use on the most powerful automobiles on the planet – NHRA Top Fuel and Funny Car Classes. These cars reach speeds in excess of 300 mph in less than a quarter mile and stop in a few hundred feet. That requires optimum braking. That requires Strange Carbon Pads and Rotors.

Strange Carbon Brakes not only deliver optimum braking; they also provide maximum weight reduction. Strange Carbon Brake Kits typically weigh-in at less than 15-pounds. That’s a decrease of more than 8-pounds in rotational mass and 11-pounds in stationary mass (as compared to steel or cast iron with semi-metallic pads).
Unlike some other carbon brake kits, Strange Carbon Brake Rotors are made with a blend of carbon and carbon matrix (carbon-carbon). This substance is very stable under the extreme temperatures associated with drag racing. It can even withstand the white-hot temperatures generated with heavy braking. Strange Carbon Rotors are impervious to the thermal shock that can cause lesser rotors to warp or crack.
Strange Carbon Pads and Rotors also offer longer pad life, with less brake drag. All that braking efficiency in a package that is the lightest in the industry.

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