Aluminum Case

When you absolutely must have the best looking and most lightweight Ford 9-inch center section case on the market; the Strange Aluminum Case is your answer.

Strange Engineering’s Lightweight Aluminum Center Section Cases are manufactured from high tensile aluminum alloy castings, with forged aluminum main caps. Available with a bore diameter of either 3.0625-inches or 3.250-inches, the Strange Lightweight Case is a full 20-pounds lighter than the comparable Strange Pro Iron case; yet it is stronger and more durable than an OEM unit.

It can be used with either a Strange Daytona Cast Iron Pinion Support or a Strange Forged Aluminum Daytona Pinion Support. Pinion bearing styles range between tapered bearings and roller bearings, depending upon which pinion support is used. Applications in which a polished case is desired typically look best with the forged aluminum pinion support. The polished Strange LW Case is worthy for display underneath any show-quality vehicle.
Always made in the USA, Strange Lightweight Aluminum Third Member Cases are manufactured with forged aluminum main caps and solid steel adjuster nuts. No more aggravating shims and complicated mathematics required for setting up your rear end.
For all us weekend warriors and cruisers out there, the Strange Case is compatible with our favorite Ford 9 inch rear end but performs best when accompanied with top-quality Strange components.  The case gives our classic and high performance ride an appearance upgrade and knocks off at least a few dozen pounds from overall vehicle weight.

For those of us who are a little more serious about horsepower, the Strange LW Aluminum Center Section Case can accommodate steel spools as large as 40-spline. If you have a dragster that could stand to drop a few pounds from her rear end, Strange has the answer.

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