9 Inch Dragster Rear End

Strange Aluminum 9 Inch Dragster Rear End

Champion drag racers and top-tier chassis builders share many common denominators when building a winning car for street or strip. One key component is the Strange Aluminum Dragster Rear End.

Lighter is nearly always faster and, in the case of the Strange Aluminum 9 inch Dragster Rear End it certainly is. Strange Engineering uses state-of-the-art Mazak manufacturing machinery and an experienced staff of operators to cast their aluminum drag race housings from aerospace grade aluminum. Each 206-T4 cast aluminum housing is meticulously machined to exacting specifications.

Reinforced vertical and horizontal ribbing is utilized to minimize flex. Working tolerances of the Strange aluminum 9 Inch Dragster Rear End would be virtually impossible to duplicate in a steel housing. These tight tolerances provide the most ideal foundation for building a complete dragster axle to meet all your competitive needs. All of this equates to a lighter drag racing rear end that is more rigid and more durable than stock. You can translate that to lower elapsed times and higher top speeds.

Strange Engineering 9 Inch Dragster Rear End housings are also typically less expensive than comparable steel housings due to our unique manufacturing process. Strange aluminum drag race rear end housings accept Ford 9-inch style center sections and are available with 35 or 40-spline (Pro Race gun-drilled) dragster axles (with or without brakes) in 26 or 27-inch lengths. Solid mount or 4-link aluminum drag race rear end housings are available. Mounts are not included in 4-link packages.

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