Rear Street Disc Brakes

Rear Street Disc Brakes
Strange Engineering has built a reputation as the best in high performance rear ends. In the same manner as “what goes up must come down”; what goes fast must return to a halt – suddenly and safely. In this vain, Strange is offering Wilwood Rear Street Disc Brakes for street and street/strip applications.
Wilwood is (to performance brakes) what Strange is to performance rear ends. Wilwood Rear Street Disc Brake Kits, sold by Strange, are a great value for street and track applications. The OEM Style “hat and drum” design integrates rear disc brakes with a parking/emergency brake inside the hub portion of each rear rotor. Everyday braking is realized with hydraulic pressure while the parking/emergency brake is applied using purely mechanical means. When ordering remember that parking/emergency brake cables and brake (hydraulic) lines are not included with Wilwood Rear Street Disc Brake Kits.
Wilwood Rear Disc Brake Kits are designed for 5-bolt hubs with ½-inch studs (rotors can be drilled out for 5/8-inch studs for a nominal fee). Lug stud mounting patterns are 4.5, 4.75 and 5-inch for ½-inch wheel studs. Kits include premium rotors, calipers, internal mounting brackets and attaching hardware.
Whether you are cruising into the drive-in or blasting down the dragstrip, Wilwood Rear Street Disc Brakes won’t let you down.

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