Steel Rotors & Pads

Steel Rotors & Pads
The most trusted name in high-performance rear ends – Strange Engineering – also delivers with many brake options with Steel Rotors and Pads for all your drag racing needs.
Strange Steel Brake Rotors are typically (except in economical S-Series kits) precisely milled with slots on the stopping surfaces. These meticulously situated slots are laid out after strenuous field and dyno testing. Slotted steel brake rotors yield more efficient heat dissipation. They reduce rotational mass and help to eliminate pad glazing. Directional slotted steel rotors provide improved stability over drilled rotors while virtually eliminating distortion and warpage.
Strange One-Piece Steel Rotors eliminates the need for bolts between the rotor and hub. This delivers a rotor that is lighter and stronger than a two-piece. One-piece steel rotors aid in dissipation of heat, they may be resurfaced to remove excess friction material left behind during heavy braking and rotational weight is reduced.
Strange Two-Piece Steel Floating Rotors feature a hat which is fully machined from a single aluminum forging. It is strong, lightweight and provides a perfect mounting platform for the Strange Steel Two-Piece Rotor. Manufactured from a proprietary steel blend that yields 43-percent greater yield strength and 30-percent greater tensile strength, Strange Steel Two-Piece Rotors greatly reduce the possibility of warping and excessive runout at high speed.
Strange Brake Pads are offered in Soft (excellent hold in cooler conditions and recommended for vehicle speeds of 150 mph or less), High Heat (rear only; sacrifices some cold holding but excellent at the other end of the track) and Hard Metallic (extraordinary braking characteristics on either end of the track. Will transfer friction semi-metallic friction material to rotor stopping surfaces).

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