U Bolts and U Joints

U-Joints & U-Bolts

Let’s talk about universal joints. Not the most exciting subject, unless they are lying in pieces – needle bearings and grease strewn all across the track. Suddenly, those boring little universal joints, u-bolts and u-joint straps become the focal point of the universe. They are a direct reflection on your abilities as a racer, and everybody has a suggestion (mostly how they would’ve done it differently).

Want to avoid the stress and embarrassment of failed universal joints and u-joint retention hardware? GO BIG! Go with Strange Engineering Universal joints and U-Bolts.

Strange Universal Joints are non-crossdrilled (also called pre-lubricated or maintenance free) for superior strength. Sealed and lubricated for the life of the u-joint, multi-lip seals keep the premium synthetic grease in, and everything else out. The non-crossdrilled design features a solid, cold-forged body with heat treated and case-hardened steel caps. End caps are precision forged for exact fit and optimum durability. To further reduce friction, thrust washers, in the bottom of each end cap, eliminate metal-on-metal contact. This also helps to keep temperatures lower. Standard thickness (copper colored) snap-rings are included; along with other sizes (multi-colored) which allow u-joint end play to be adjusted.
Inside locking u-joints, outside locking u-joints and conversion u-joints fit most applications and are in stock at Strange Engineering.

Making gains in horsepower? Most drag racing applications can benefit from larger universal joints. Whether building a drag racer from the ground up or upgrading to a custom Strange Driveshaft; moving towards larger u-joints (and the yokes required) is the obvious choice. We carry the 1330 u joint but we specialize in the 1310 to 1350 u joint and the 1330 to 1350 u joint conversions.

Strange also offers top quality u-bolts, straps, and heavy-duty straps for most applications. Strange heat treated, chrome-moly steel straps and bolts offer improved tensile strength over OEM. Fine thread lock nuts (or nuts with lock washers) and bolts are included where applicable. Heavy-duty u-bolt and strap kits fit heavy-duty 1350 and 1480 series universal joints and have a larger (7/16-inch) diameter thread size.

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