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Conversion U-Joint
1.125" 1330 Series to 1350 Series


Part Number: U1648

Adapts driveline components
1330 series to 1350 series

There are two different u-joints considered 1330 series
Check cap diameter and u-joint width to ensure proper fit

(1) Conversion joint
(2) Outside snap rings
(1) Grease fitting


1330 Ends
1.125″ cap diameter
3.625″ outside of cap to outside of cap width

1350 Ends
1.188″ cap diameter
3.625″ outside of cap to outside of cap width

Other Conversion Joints

1.062″ 1330 to 1350……………… U1647
1.062″ 1310 to 1350……………… U1646
1.125″ w/inside clips to 1350… U1645


1330 to 1350 U-Joint

It is possible to come across car builds that have u joints of different sizes. U-joint sizes are classified by a series number.
Each series has a very specific cap diameter and overall joint width. Normally, the larger the U-Joint the stronger it is.

The 1330 to 1350 U-Joint is a mix of two different series specifications on the same u-joint so that that different sized yokes and driveshafts can be connected. The strength of the u-joint depends on several factors, material, design, the presence of a grease fitting, cap size, etc. Take note that the u-joint is only as strong as the smallest series number.

The 1330 to 1350 U Joint cross width is 3.625 (3 5/8”) on both sides, while the cap diameters are different. 1 1/16″ on the 1330 side and 1 3/16″ on the 1350 side.

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs