9.75 Independent

2010 Camaro Rear End.

Is your 5th Gen Camaro ready for that next step in making it the most capable drag car that it can be on the street or the strip? If not then you are probably are ready to upgrade to a 9.75-inch aluminum independent rear end from Strange Engineering.

In order to provide exceptional strength in a lightweight package, the Strange 9.75 5th gen Camaro rear end is manufactured from SAE Aerotech Material Specification (AMS) 206-T4 aluminum. U.S. Army and Marine Corps research reports that AMS 206-T4 aluminum housings may be subjected to the most extreme conditions on earth for decades without any sign of deterioration.

Radial case and support cover design affords an even greater level of rigidity and durability to the Strange 9.75 which, despite the larger gear set, weighs only 20-pounds more than the factory rear end.

The rugged aluminum cover supports aircraft grade 2024-T351 billet aluminum main caps; adding yet another level of strength and decreasing deflection. Steel adjuster nuts eliminate the need for shims. This makes setup more precise and simple.

A Strange S-Trac helical (35-spline) differential and Hy-Tuf axle shafts are matched with a 9310 Pro Gear Set to yield the most capable 9.75 independent rear end available for your 2010-15 Camaro.

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