Brake Calipers

Brake Calipers
Strange Brake Caliper Kits consist of a pair of top-tier aluminum or billet aluminum brake calipers, designed for maximum clamping force with minimum drag. Mounting brackets, slide pins and bushings, along with caliper bolts and alignment shims are included. Pad choices include soft organic, high-heat metallic, hard metallic and carbon. Purchasing the Strange Brake Caliper Kit saves drag racers and car enthusiasts money over buying individual components. However, individual parts can be purchased for maintenance and repair (or to have a spare in the trailer).
The Strange Single Piston Brake Caliper Kit features a fully machined body of billet aluminum for maximum rigidity and strength. Every bit of excess material has been removed to ensure minimum weight. The 1.750-inch stainless steel piston is abrasion and corrosion resistant.
Strange Two-Piston Brake Caliper Kits feature a body manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum and honed to smooth perfection. A pair of 1.750-inch stainless steel pistons, with individual brake pads for each piston, provide even clamping force and consistent braking efficiency.
Strange Four-Piston Brake Caliper Kits are loaded with four stainless steel pistons which offset (1.625-inch and 1.750-inch) for variable pressure and decreased pad taper. Low profile four-piston rear brake calipers are ideal for low profile and 15-inch bead-lock wheels. Aluminum body construction delivers a light-weight caliper that is strong and durable.

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