Stainless Steel Brakes

In the world of drag racing, getting rid of heat quickly is akin to horsepower and weight reduction. Strange Stainless Steel Brake Rotors and Pro Series II Stainless Steel Brake Kits offer drag racers a safer and more efficient alternative to conventional carbon steel brakes.

Strange Stainless Steel Brakes are cooler, stronger and more corrosion resistant than conventional brakes. Because Stainless Steel Brakes deliver outstanding thermal stress relief, the drag racing demon of brake fade is virtually eliminated. We’ve all been there, right? You make a fast pass, press the brake pedal, and the brake pedal touches the floor. When brake friction material is too hot, it “softens”, and the brakes disappear. It’s a horrible feeling when you are at the end of a runway at over 100 mph. Strange Stainless Steel Brakes help to dissipate heat and prevent brake fade.

Strange Pro Series II Stainless Steel Brake Kits include stainless steel rotors for superior strength and durability, as well as heat dissipation. Billet calipers are offered in a variety of configurations and feature oversize (1.750-inch) stainless steel pistons. The result is increased clamping force and piston stability. Pro Series II Stainless Steel Brake Kits are offered with your choice of single or dual piston caliper kits. Soft organic, high temp or hard metallic brake pads are all compatible with our drag racing brakes.

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