Billet Case

When it comes to parts and equipment, no sport is more demanding than drag racing. This is particularly true of the drag racing rear end. To meet these unusual demands, Strange Engineering has developed a Ford 9-inch center section case that is unrivaled in the industry for strength-to-weight ratio. Made from aerospace grade 7075-T73 billet aluminum, the Strange Billet Case is as close to indestructible as any lightweight component ever produced – for any purpose.

After rough machining, the aerospace quality 7075-T73 aluminum is vibratory stress relieved using sub-harmonic vibrational energy; stabilizing the heavily machined aluminum. Solution heat treating and artificial aging the aluminum promotes consistent mechanical properties throughout. All this has yielded one of the most consistently durable and lightweight compounds on planet earth.

Strange Engineering takes this extraordinary compound and precision builds their Billet Case from it. It all begins with the Strange patented cross rib design and beefy (.650-inch) thick mounting flange. The design of the case allows the pinion to be moved farther back so that larger bearings may be used, and a patented lubrication system maintains a more than adequate flow of the life’s blood lubricating fluid. The oversize pinion tail bearings are surrounded by massive portions of billet case so that they may withstand greater loads with less torque shudder under heavy acceleration.
Wrap-around style main caps are secured using AARP studs and nuts that are rated at AISI 8740 – they are about 38-percent stronger than chrome moly. That factors into greater clamping strength and superior main cap rigidity.
The unique design of the Strange Billet Case arranges both pinion bearings inside of the case for a much more secure fit. With the pinion shaft more secure, ring gear and pinion teeth maintain optimum alignment for maximum gear longevity and minimum gear-to-gear friction.
Out front, the Billet Pinion Support is manufactured from 2024-T351 aluminum and locked-down using AARP twelve-point bolts.
The Strange Billet Case will accept 9-inch, 9.5-inch, or 10-inch ring gears with your choice of Strange Lightweight Spool. Contact your Strange representative about building your ultimate drag racing rear end.

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