Drag Racing Struts and Street Struts

Whether you are building a new drag car, or just need to freshen up an existing car with an improved front suspension, Strange Strut Packages are the optimum foundation for any lightweight dragster suspension.
Manufactured from 2000-Series aluminum, each Strange Strut is carefully assembled using a large, hardened steel strut shaft that has been fully refined and polished to a chrome finish. This makes the strut both strong and lightweight. Strange Struts are available with stud or eyelet (upper) mounts in your choice of single or double adjustable configurations. Single adjustable struts allow external extension variations with the turn of a knob. Double adjustable struts provide external adjustment of extension and compression. Custom valving is available upon request.
Strange Forged Aluminum Drag Racing Strut Packages deliver the whole bundle when it comes to building a lightweight, safe and reliable front drag racing suspension. Advantages of the Strange Strut Package are numerous. First and foremost; it’s much lighter. The Strange Kit is fully adjustable – that means ride height, extension and compression. Strange Kits are also much simpler than conventional A-arm systems. They provide more space for exhaust headers, turbocharger/intercooler piping and other high-performance components.

Strange Forged Aluminum Drag Racing Strut Packages include top-tier struts (single or double adjustable), springs (Hyperco), lightweight stainless-steel spindles, your choice of three brake options and a chrome-moly lower control arm kit (your choice of 7/16-inch or ½-inch 4130 rod ends).
Competing in NHRA’s strict SS/GT Class? Don’t sweat it. Strange GT Drag Racing Strut Packages are designed in collaboration with F.J. Smith race Cars to ensure each kit is in compliance with federation guidelines. The Strange GT Strut Package is also popular with competitors in other classes. A 6.5-inch stroke, custom dimensions and custom valving, along with single or double adjustable control, makes the Strange GT Strut and Strange GT Strut Packages one of the most viable options in the drag racing parts industry.

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