Magnetic Sensor Collar

Magnetic Sensor Collars

Think you have to sacrifice advanced computer technology in your racing vehicle? Have you given up on gathering useful transmission output speed data? Vehicle speed data? Perhaps you are using a process of trial and error to map transmission shift strategy because you lack a source of reliable transmission output RPM data for your aftermarket ECU?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you are using a Strange Pinion Yoke, a Strange Magnetic Sensor Collar may help to rectify the situation. When used in conjunction with an electromagnetic sensor (and a Strange Sensor Support Bracket), the Strange Magnetic Sensor Collar (attached to the Strange pinion yoke) can yield invaluable transmission output RPM and vehicle speed data to your aftermarket or factory ECU.
Take the guess work out of planning transmission shift strategy with a Strange Magnetic Sensor Collar. Monitor clutch slippage in manually shifted transmissions by comparing transmission input and output RPM. You’ll know that your clutch disc is worn before the first symptom is exhibited. Track vehicle speed for your ECU and speedometer.

Strange Magnetic Sensor Collars are manufactured to stringent specifications to fit only Strange Pinion Yokes. Available with as few as one magnetic sensor, or as many as eight sensors, Strange Magnetic Sensor Collars are application specific to ensure they fit securely.

Ford Yokes, S60 Pinion Yokes, 1350 yokes, and GM 12-bolt Pinion Yokes are all suitable for installation of the Strange Magnetic Sensor Collar, but other manufacturer’s yokes are not compatible.

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