GM 12 Bolt 8.875

GM 12 Bolt 8.875 Gears

GM Positraction rear ends have been around since the late 50’s, they came in several different ring gear diameters, but the 12-bolt 8.875-inch positraction was the most widely used. These were found in 1965 to 1972 GM passenger car applications. A wide variety of aftermarket gear ratios are available and Strange carries many GM 12 Bolt 8.875 gears in stock.

Swapping ring and pinion gears is one of the first performance upgrades recommended for a number of fast drag racing cars. This is not without good reason, the performance depends on the ratio of teeth in both the ring and pinion. The bigger this ratio, the more force is created, not only can it lower your elapsed times, but it gives you a great seat-of-the-pants improvement. Nowhere is this more true than in late-model GM cars.

GM 12 Bolt 8.875 Gears are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday driving, and a weekend at the track.

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