Pro Touring Floater Kit

Are you looking for an advantage that a rear end with conventional flanged axles can’t provide? Maybe you are experiencing issues with bending axles or axle flange breakage? By redistributing vehicle weight to the wheel hubs, Strange Pro Touring Floater Kits help to resist cornering, braking, and acceleration loads on the splined floater axle. Since the axle is only responsible for transmitting torque from the center section to the wheel hub, axle load capacity is greatly multiplied.

Traditional flanged axle rear ends can’t hold a candle to the Strange Pro Touring Floater Kit with its rigid full-floating design. The solid pre-load spacer, tapered Timken roller bearings, and specially designed spindle lock nut eliminate bearing end play and the resultant shock of brake caliper piston slap during hard cornering. The unique Strange bearing pre-load retention system uses a special lock nut with its own socket. Since the special socket is designed for use with a torque wrench, the guess work is gone when tightening the nut. That means uniform torque and pre-load every time. Overall safety and stability are dramatically increased with the Strange Pro Touring Floater Kit.

Strange Pro Touring Floater Kit drive plates and hubs are made from chrome moly steel for precise fit and long life. Transferring the balance of weight from the axles to the hubs yields an additional set of bearings for increased strength, decreases wheel hop, and aids in traction retention by eliminating end play. The compact brake clearance gap (3.5”) clears suspension components on most models. Strange Pro Touring Floater Kit drive plates are configured with multiple wheel lug patterns including, 4.5”, 4.75”, and 5”. Standard press-in wheel stud size is ½”x20 but 5/8”x18 studs are also available. Stud sleeves, lug nuts, and washers are also included.

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