Strange Pro Touring Floater Kit
Axles & Brakes Sold Separately


Part Number: F5010

Pro Touring / Street & Track / Street & Strip

Housing with 3″ or 3 1/4″ OD tubing
Strange / Wilwood custom Pro Touring brake kit
Custom floater axles

• Vehicle weight and side loads are supported by the housing
• Axle shafts only requirement is to transfer torque
• Prevents the possibility of axle flange breakage

• Each hub is supported by two large tapered bearings
• Drastically increasing load capacity & wheel bearing life
• Solid spacer ensures proper bearing preload
• Eliminates excessive end play
• Prevents piston knock-back
• Pedal travel remains consistent during hard cornering

2″ O.D. Floater Spindles
• 4130 steel
• Provides rigid support for hubs & bearings
• Designed for 3″ or 3 1/4″ OD housing tubing
• 2.800″ O.D. tube end *

* Requires finish turning to suit axle tube I.D.

Steel Hubs
• Machined for 4 1/2″, 4 3/4″, & 5″ bolt circles
• Accepts Pro Touring 1/2″ or 5/8″ wheel studs

Supplied With 1/2″ Wheel Studs
Option for 5/8″ studs available for an additional charge

Steel Drive plates
• Designed for 35 spline shaft with 30° pressure angle
• Allows for largest differential made without compromising axle strength
• Inner axle splines can be made to suit other differentials

Timken® Tapered Bearings & Races
• Premium components from a trusted name
• Ensures proper fit & long bearing life

Solid Preload Spacer
• Prevents excessive preload
• Maintains consistency during hard cornering

Spindle Nut Wrench
• Properly mates to spindle nut
• Allows use of torque wrench
• Prevents spindle nut damage

ABS Option
Can be ordered to utilize 05-10 or 11-14 Mustang ABS systems
Option supplies custom reluctor rings & mounting parts
Please specify year of system

Upgrade to 5/8″ wheel studs – OPRS13
Supply with custom ABS rings – OPAX10

Install spindles in housing – H1130SF

Axles – Sold as each
24″ or less – A5100H24
24 1/8″ to 28″ – A5100H28
28 1/8″ to 32″ – A5100H32
32 1/8″ to 36″ – A5100H36

Brake Kits
11″ rotors & black calipers – B2712WC *
12.19″ rotors & black calipers – B2711WC
12.19″ rotors & red calipers – B2711WCR
14″ rotors & black calipers – B2714WC
14″ rotors & red calipers – B2714WCR

* Provides clearance for 15″ bead-lock wheels

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


PRO TOURING FLOATER KIT: The Strange Pro Touring full floating kit design dramatically increases safety in comparison to a traditional flanged axle assembly. The floater spindle supports vehicle weight and resists cornering, braking, and accelerating loads, leaving the floater axle solely responsible for transmitting torque. A preload spacer between the tapered bearings bolsters maximum spindle nut torque eliminating bearing end play. Zero end play in the bearings eliminates piston knock-back encountered during hard cornering. Compact brake gap (3.50”) clears most suspension components located near original housing ends. The F5010 Pro Touring floater kit features 2” O.D. chrome moly spindles, 35 spline drive plates, multiple patterns for 4 1/2”, 4 3/4”, and 5” bolt circles, and 1/2” x 20 press-in wheel studs. The floater axles and brake kit are sold separately. The axles are 35 spline to mate to the drive plate, and the inboard splines are made to match your specific carrier. The option for 5/8” x 18 press-in wheel studs also includes stud sleeves, lug nuts and washers. There are also options to adapt 2010 and earlier, or 2011 and later Mustang ABS systems.


Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File