Transmission Yokes

Transmission Yokes

When is comes to putting high-value horsepower to the pavement, nothing is more important – or frequently overlooked – than the driveshaft. Chances are, if you have built a competitive street or strip vehicle, it has undergone an engine, transmission, or rear end modification. These driveline modifications will almost always demand that the driveshaft be customized for optimum performance. Nobody builds a better drag racing driveshaft than the folks known for their rear end prowess – Strange Engineering.

Strange Driveshafts are brilliantly designed to accommodate two universal joint sizes that are significantly larger (stronger and more durable) than stock. Since the u-joint welded ends (on the driveshaft) are larger, the Transmission Yokes and pinion yokes will also need to be upgraded (assuming they haven’t been upgraded previously).
Obviously, a larger, new Yoke will leave you with a stronger driveline but there are still choices to be made. Consider these:

Strange HD Nodular Iron
Made from a patented blend of nodular iron with much greater tensile strength than conventional cast iron, the Strange HD Trans Yoke accepts 1310, 1350, and 1480 sized universal joints. This is the perfect Transmission Yoke for high-performance street cars, cruisers and the like. Designed by Strange Engineering and cast in the USA, the Strange HD Trans Yoke is extra-thick in critical areas and CNC machined for an accurate balance.

Strange Chrome Moly
The Strange Chrome Moly Transmission Yoke is a stronger and more durable version of the Strange HD Yoke. It is CNC machined, from heat forged 4340 Chrome Moly Steel, to meet the extreme demands of professional drag racing. The Chrome Moly Transmission Yoke also features added material in critical areas with a black oxide finish that resists corrosion. Designed by Strange and made in the USA.
Strange Chrome Moly Two-Piece

This is the Trans Yoke that makes transmission removal and installation just a bit faster. Many vehicles do not have removable end caps on the front u-joint. Since the Trans Yoke slips inside the rear transmission housing, the disconnection of the rear u-joint and removal of the driveshaft is necessary. This Two-Piece Transmission Yoke allows the driveshaft to remain in place (in the vehicle) with the yoke in the transmission. Less messy, too!

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