Strange Driveshafts

Strange Driveshafts

The suspension, steering, and brakes are all in place. You have made your engine selection. You’ve built it with loving care. Only the best of the best – with strict attention to detail. So, what about the driveshaft? Just put the old one in and hope for the best? Not likely. If it fits at all it will be a miracle and, if it does, the chances of it functioning properly and without vibration are somewhere between slim and none.

That could leave you with more questions than answers – unless you know about Strange driveshafts. Strange offers custom-made driveshafts for your application. Once you have your transmission and rear (or front) end in place, a few simple measurements and a conversation with an experienced Strange representative can have you on the way to a perfectly balanced (within .008 runout) custom driveshaft for your cruiser, circle tracker, or dragster. It’s not even that expensive.

Custom Driveshafts are available in 3-inch and 3.5-inch (outside diameter) thicknesses. Driveshaft length and peak RPM must be considered when determining desired driveshaft thickness. Strange Driveshaft tubing is made from seamless, chrome moly tubing. All Strange Driveshafts are heat treated to ensure maximum durability and longevity. Strange Driveshafts are sold with or without transmission and/or pinion yokes but transmission yokes are required for balancing.

Transmission and pinion yoke options include Strange Chrome Moly or Spicer HD in 1350 or 1480-Series sizes. If you currently use a yoke that is smaller than a 1350-Series, now would be a good time to upgrade to at least a 1350 yoke.

Spicer U-joints (non-crossdrilled) are available in 1350 and 1480-Series sizes. They are sold with all necessary u-bolts and hardware.

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