3" Seamless Chrome Moly Driveshaft
Spicer Weld Ends & U-joints


Part Number: U1699

Custom made driveshaft per your request
Requires completed Driveshaft Order Form

Please note maximum RPM to ensure safe operating range
Length & RPM may require a larger diameter shaft

Matching 1350 series transmission & rear end yoke are highly recommended
Driveline integrity is limited to the strength of weakest component

Tube SectionU1700T
• 4130 seamless chrome moly tubing
• 3″ O.D. x .083 wall thickness

Weld EndsU1670
• Spicer® HD 1350 series
• Accepts larger u-joint than typical OEM

• 1 3/16″ cap size for exceptional strength
• Non-crossdrilled design improves rigidity

U-Joints Smaller Than 1350 Series Will Be Cross-drilled

• Fully MIG welded
• Professionally balanced

Transmission Yoke Required For Balancing – Sold Separately
The ordering process will prompt to purchase a transmission yoke
If none are selected, the order will not be accepted

Sending An Existing Yoke
There is an additional charge for inspection
This type of order cannot be placed online
Please call for a RMA number before shipping

Transmission Yokes
GM Powerglide, TH350, 4L60E – U1662 / U1667
GM TH400 & 4L80E – U1650 / U1664
Ford C4 & T5 – U1658 / U1668
Ford C6 & T45 – U1659 / U1669
Mopar, Doug Nash, Liberty – U1655 / U1666
Lenco 16 spline – U1651 / U1665
Lenco 32 spline – U1663

  • Total


3″X.083″ Seamless 3 inch Chrome Moly Driveshaft with cast iron weld ends and Heavy Duty U-Joints

A Strange Seamless 3 inch Chrome Moly Driveshaft is constructed from heat treated chrome-moly tubing. The tubing is 3” OD (Outer Diameter) and has an optimized .083” wall thickness to fit a variety of applications. Strange Chrome moly Driveshafts are also used in Street, Road racing, Oval racing, and other applications.

Our build team uses special fixtures so that the weld-ends are properly phased as to eliminate driveline vibration. Every shaft is electronically balanced with a total run-out of less than .008”. Drag racing driveshafts take a lot of punishment, especially in very high horsepower racing applications. This makes the driveshaft a vital component of the performance of a drag racing vehicle. Compared to mild steel driveshafts Chrome moly Driveshafts are stronger, they are also able to withstand more torque, and therefore have more stability at high RPM.

The Cast Iron Weld ends are recommended for cars making around 600 WHP or less. For cars making more we typically recommend our U1702 3 inch Chrome Moly Driveshaft with Forged Ends.

We have a specialized order form to ensure the perfect fit for your vehicle. The length, diameter, and RPM it’s going to spin at are vital to make sure you do not exceed its critical speed. Doing so can cause distortion, vibrations and eventually failure. If you have any questions then call a Strange Sales Associate to discuss the proper driveshaft diameter to order for your application.

If your rear yoke is smaller than a 1350 series, it may be the time to replace it. The driveline is only as strong as the weakest link and a new yoke will change your measurement.

Strange offers a complete line of transmission yokes, rear end yokes, and u-bolt kits to complete your custom driveshaft. We also have a downloadable pdf that you can download, fill out and send back to us if you are not ready to place the order online.

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