Strange 4 Piston Directional Caliper - RH Side


Part Number: B5002

Designed Specifically For Drag Racing

Application – Strange Pro Series Brake Kits – Right Hand Side

Four Piston Aluminum Directional Calipers with Stainless Steel Pistons
– Aluminum bodies drastically reduce weight
– Pistons are 1.625″ & 1.750″ to vary pressure on the pads decreasing pad taper
– Stainless steel pistons are corrosion resistant
– Anti-rattle clips reduce brake pad vibration and noise
– Mounting bolt holes are on 5.250″ centers

Brake Fitting, Hose and Line Are Not Included
Caliper is tapped 1/8″ NPT – Fitting available separately

Use Teflon® tape or liquid on the pipe threads of the fitting.
Leave a few threads from the tip uncoated to avoid depositing material inside.
Torque to 25 ft lbs.

1/8″ NPT x 3 AN Fittings
45° angle…P2323
90° angle…P2322

For Brake Pads – See B5010 / B5020

Other 4 Piston Calipers
Directional LH caliper… B5004
Pro Carbon…………. B5040 / B5042


Four piston directional RH caliper (For Pro series steel & Sportsman carbon brake kits)