Strange Brake Adapter Kit
Adapts 13-14 Mustang GT500 Brakes
For Late Big Ford Ends Using Tapered Bearings


Part Number: B1706NCG

Special Late Big Ford Bracket Kit
Adapts 2013-2014 Mustang GT500 Brakes

Kit Includes
• Billet aluminum caliper mounts
• Caliper bolts & washers
• Housing end stud kit

How They Work
2013-2014 Mustang GT 500 brake offset is 3.250″
Typical brake offset for Late Big Ford ends is 2.500″
These brackets move the calipers inboard .750″ to make up the difference

Custom Axles *
Axles with 2.500″ brake offset & 2.780″ brake register
Axle flanges with an access hole
Timken® tapered axle bearings

* Downloaded Instructions Before Ordering Axles

2013-2014 Mustang GT500 brakes – Less caliper mounts

H1137 housing ends or equivalent

H1148 housing ends, adapter rings, OEM reluctor rings & sensors

Notes for ABS
Downloaded instructions before ordering axles or installing housing ends
Adapter rings are required and sold separately – B1105E
OEM reluctor rings can be reused or purchased – A1098I


Mustang Brake Adapter Kit Adapts 2013-2014 GT500 Brakes To Late Big Ford Ends

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File