Dragster Floater Housing Assembly
With 40 Spline Gun Drilled Axles & Stainless Steel Brakes


Part Number: H1250

Top Dragster Floater Housing Assembly
With Stainless Steel Brakes & 40 Spline Gun Drilled Axles

• Available in 16″ or 17″ 4-link centers
• Choice of 4 3/4″ or 5″ bolt circle
• 32″ or 33″ wheel to wheel width

4-Link Plates & Center Section Sold Separately

• Housing supports weight, bending loads, and tire shake
• Axle shafts only requirement is to transfer torque
• Prevents the possibility of axle flange breakage

• Extremely rigid assembly increases gear life
• Clearance for 9″, 9 1/2″, & 10″ gear sets

Light Weight
• Lighter than comparable fabricated steel housings
• 114.9 lbs as shown with optional mounting plates

• Main housing remains the same
• Changes to outer components alter 4-link spacing & WTW width
• Can be converted to accept flanged axles

• 206-T4 cast aluminum
• Black Enduraguard® finish
• Large fill cap allows for gear inspection
• Finger grips and hex facilitate cap removal
• Magnetic drain plug
• Lug design prevents plate rotation
• Integral upper wheelie bar mounts
• Designed & machined by Strange
• Cast in USA

Four Link Spacer Plates
• 6061-T6511 billet aluminum
• Pockets engage housing lugs
• Lightened for weight reduction
• O-rings ensure sealing integrity
• Black anodized

Bottom Four Link Brace
• 6061-T6511 billet aluminum
• Eliminates lower 4 link plate welding
• Lightened for weight reduction
• Black anodized finish

Next Generation Floater Spindles
• 4130 chrome moly
• Increased wall thickness
• Machined with large inner bearing radius
• Vastly increases bending load strength
• Prevents spindle elongation
• Press fit into housing tubes
• Inner end secured by internal locking nut

Solid Preload Spacer
• Stainless steel
• Machined to precise width
• Prevents excessive bearing preload

Spindle Lock System
• Billet heat treated spindle nuts
• Threaded & non-threaded holes
• Dog pilot set screws engage washer
• Washer indexes on spindle keyway
• Maintains consistent bearing preload

Bearings & Races
• Oversized to increase load capacity
• Ensures long bearing life
• Proven quality from a trusted manufacturer

Wheel Hub
• 2024-T351 billet aluminum
• Scalloped with integral rotor mount
• Reduces weight and additional parts
• Lug design allows rotor to float
• Same hub as used for carbon brakes
• Simplifies later brake conversions

Press-in Wheel Studs
• 8740 chrome moly steel
• Anti-rotational head design
• 5/8″-18 available in two lengths
• Aluminum anti-marring washers
• Flanged steel lug nuts

Drive Plates
• 8620 chrome moly steel
• 40 spline with 45° pressure angle
• Scalloped to remove unnecessary weight

Floater Axles
• 40 spline Hy-Tuf axles
• Gun drilled
• Black oxide finish

Stainless Steel Brake Kit
• 11 1/2″ OD x .355″ thick stainless steel rotors – F2056NL / F2056NR
• Internal lugs mate with aluminum hubs
• Floating design resists rotor cupping
• Choice of black or red billet aluminum calipers – B1900 / B1900-RD
• Metallic brake pads – B5020
• Aluminum caliper mounts

Also Includes
• Fel-Pro® Teflon center section gasket – H1111
• 3/8″-24 self-locking ESNA nuts
• 3/8″ 3AN washers
• Spindle nut wrench – F2058W

Optional Parts
4-Link Plates – H1250MPK1

HD Pro center section – PRF188 / PRF192
Ultra center section – PRF225 / PRF225-10
Billet center section – PRF425 / PRF425-10

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


Dragster Full Floater Housing Assembly With Axles & Brakes

Floater Rear Ends separate the load carrying and the torque delivery of the axles. The weight of the vehicle is carried elsewhere on the housing, leaving the axle free to do the job of transmitting the horsepower to the wheels.

Dragster Full Floater Housing axles are not only superior in strength to standard housings and axles, but they’re also much safer. This housing includes our 40 Spline Gun drilled axles forged from low carbon, high manganese, high nickel, and high molybdenum steel. Gun drilling removes approximately one pound per foot when compared to solid floater axles.

Strange Engineering continues to lead the way in driveline technology by introducing the all-new 9” Modular 4-Link Floater rear end for dragsters. Specifically designed for dragsters, the aluminum rear features a lightweight floater design, large 11 ½” stainless steel 2 piece rotors, and billet calipers for maximum clamping force and braking. Stainless rotors are able to maintain shape under higher temperatures than other steels. The floating design isolates rotor from hat to allow rotor growth and minimize distortion.

Carbon Brakes are also available. The premium 206-T4 aluminum housing is available with 16” & 17” 4-link centers, 32” & 33” wheel to wheel, and will accept 9”, 9 ½”, and 10” development ring gears. Other features include an aluminum 4-link brace, integral wheelie bar mounts, and a black “Enduraguard” finish.

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