Strange HD Pro 9" Ford Center Section
HD 40 Spline Lightweight Spool
28 Spline Pro Gear & Chrome Moly Yoke


Part Number: PRF192

Designed Specifically For Drag Racing
This Center Section May Not Fit Your Housing
Refer to the clearance diagrams shown on this page

9 1/2″ Gear Option
Check gear clearance diagram

• Professional assembly
• Grade 8 ring gear bolts
• Shipped in protective container

HD Pro Case
• 3.812″ bore
• Heat treated 206-T4 aluminum
• Billet aluminum main caps
• Solid Steel Adjuster Nuts
• Designed & machined by Strange
• Cast in the USA

Tapered Bearing SupportN2322
• Billet aluminum
• Oversized bearings and races
• Pinion seal retainer ring

HD 40 Spline Lightweight SpoolD2002
• 2.250″ bearing journal for additional load capacity
• Lightened to eliminate unnecessary weight
• Forged steel

Choice of 28 Spline Pro Gear

Chrome Moly Yoke with U-BoltsU1603 / U1610
• For 1350 series u-joint

Part Options
Pick-up Collar
1 magnet – U1613 / U1614
2 magnet – U1613-2 / U1614-2
4 magnet – U1613-4 / U1614-4
8 magnet – U1613-8 / U1614-8
Sensor bracket – N2300S

35 spline Pro gear – OPRF05
9 1/2″ Pro gear – OPRF52
40 spline aluminum spool – OPRF29

Billet 1350 chrome moly yoke – OPRF08
Billet 1480 chrome moly yoke – OPRF20
HD yoke cap kit – OPRF37

Taper/ball pinion support – OPRF03
Load bolt (Not for lightened gears) – N1910H
Gasket – H1111 / H1111S

Labor Options
Lighten ring gear – D3596
MicroBlue gear set – D3598G
MicroBlue gear set & bearings – OPRF42


Strange HD Pro Aluminum Third Member With Spool

40 Spline Lightweight Spool 28 Spline Pro Gear & Chrome Moly Yoke

The Strange HD Pro Ford 9 inch Aluminum Third Member With Spool is designed for Drag Race applications and for the most abusive Hi-Performance street/strip applications. As with all Strange aluminum cases, it is crafted from 206-T4 heat treated aluminum. This premium aluminum has a 12% higher yield strength and a 32% higher tensile strength compared to commonly used 356-T6 aluminum.

The billet aluminum pinion support has a unique oil channel that is machined 360º into the support to maximize oil flow to the pinion bearings as well as a large slot in the front to further boost oil circulation. The support is in contact with the bore of the case in two locations as opposed to one as found in normal cases. This additional contact area holds the pinion shaft much more securely resulting in better bearing and gear life. The tail bearing is oversized to handle more load and greater RPM than a stock tail bearing. Billet aluminum main caps encapsulate chrome-moly studs, provide the utmost support for the carrier bearings and significantly reduce ring gear deflection.

Strange Pro HD case / D2002 spool / 28 spline pro gear / yoke

Guidelines and Torque spec

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