Strange Chrome Moly 1350 Series Yoke Fits Ford 9" Rear End with 28 Spline Pinion Gear


Part Number: U1603


Ford 9″ 28 spline pinion shafts
Using 1350 series u-joint


Drag Race supports with larger bearings than OEM and Daytona
All HD Pro, Ultra, Billet Case, & N1920 / N1922

Also supports utilizing a yoke spacer – Available Separately
OEM Ford or Ford Daytona – N1914
Strange Street / Track support – N1917


• 4140 chrome moly steel
• Additional material in critical areas
• Black oxide finish
• Accepts 1350 series u-joint
• Fits Ford 9″ 28 spline pinion shafts
• Designed & machined by Strange Engineering
• Steel made in USA


Related Components

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HD cap kit………… U1610HD
1350 u-joint……… U1641
Yoke Spacer Kit… N1918

Pick-Up Collars
1 magnet… U1613
2 magnet… U1613-2
4 magnet… U1613-4
8 magnet… U1613-8


Ford 9 1350 Yoke 28 Spline

Since you are going with a top-quality drag racing driveshaft, now is an excellent time to upgrade your pinion yoke to the larger Ford 9 1350 Yoke. The Strange 1350 steel pinion yokes are designed for 1350 series universal joints. Strange Pinion Yokes are all made with pride in the U.S.A. All are forged from the highest quality components and manufactured to stringent tolerances. Strange Pinion Yokes are the strongest and most durable yokes in the industry.

Strange Chrome Moly Yoke

Made from heat treated 4140 chrome moly steel, this Strange Pinion Yoke has extra surface area for increased strength. Strange Chrome Moly Yokes are manufactured to accommodate the Strange Magnetic Pick-Up Collar. This yoke has extra chrome moly in critical areas, and it is finished with a black oxide.

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File

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