HD Pro Aluminum Center Section
L/W Steel Spool, 28 Spline Pro Gear & Chrome Moly Yoke


Part Number: PRF188

This Center Section May Not Fit Your Housing
Please refer to housing clearance diagram

HD Pro Case
3.062″ bore – 31 or 33 spline
3.250″ bore – 35 or 40 spline
• Manufactured from 206-T4 heat treated aluminum
• 12% higher yield and 32% higher tensile strength compared to 356-T6
• Large oil channel provides optimal lubrication to pinion bearings
• Heavily reinforced tail bearing area
• Chrome moly studs encapsulated by billet aluminum main caps
• Solid adjuster nuts
• Accepts over-sized tail bearing for heavy loads and high RPM
• Fits 9″ & 9 1/2″ gear sets

• Forged aluminum tapered bearing pinion support
• Pinion seal retaining plate and snap ring
• Races installed
• Support bolts, washers, and O-ring

Lightweight Steel Spool
31, 33, or 35 spline – D1553 / D1554 / D1555

Pro Gear With 28 Spline Pinion
4.86-6.50 ratio

Chrome Moly Yoke & U-BoltsU1603 / U1610
Designed for 1350 series U-joint

• Professionally Assembled
• Timken® Bearings & Races
• Grade 8 Ring Gear Bolts
• Ships in protective shipping container & HD cardboard box

Pro gear with 35 spline pinion – OPRF05
3.40-4.86 ratio

40 spline steel spool – OPRF01

HD yoke cap kit – OPRF37

Taper/ball pinion support – OPRF03
Lighten ring gear – D3596
Load bolt – N1910H
(Load bolt can’t be used with lightened gear)

28 Spline Pick-up collar
1 magnet – U1613
2 magnet – U1613-2
4 magnet – U1613-4
8 magnet – U1613-8

35 Spline Pick-up collar
1 magnet – U1614
2 magnet – U1614-2
4 magnet – U1614-4
8 magnet – U1614-8

Sensor bracket – N2300S

  • Total


The Strange Heavy Duty Aluminum Center Third Member with Spool, Pro Gear and Chrome Moly Yoke.

This Center Section is expertly crafted from aerospace grade 206-T4 heat treated aluminum. Aerospace grade 206-T4 heat treated aluminum is substantially stronger than 356-T6 aluminum (commonly used in OEM cases) in both tensile strength and yield strength.

The massive main caps are constructed from billet aluminum and secured with chrome-moly studs. This provides optimum support for the carrier and ensures that the ring gear maintains position with the pinion, even under the most violent acceleration. Strange HD Aluminum Center Section pinion bearings are larger than OEM, allowing the pinion to withstand greater torsional abuse while maintaining its position in relation to the ring gear.

Pro Lightweight Spool

A Strange Lightweight Steel Spool in 31, 33, or 35 spine options. A drag racing spool will always turn both axles at the same speed with an equal amount of force. Due to the simplistic design, it is much stronger and lighter than any differential. It also allows the use of larger axles that can handle greater amounts of torque. This makes it the best choice for Drag Racing, Drifting, and other forms of motorsports that require an uninterrupted transfer of power to both wheels. Spools should never be considered for a street application. They are produced in forged steel, forged aluminum, and billet aluminum.

Strange Chrome Moly 1350 Series Yoke

Made from heat treated 4140 chrome moly steel, this Strange Pinion Yoke has extra surface area for increased strength. Strange Chrome Moly Yokes are manufactured to accommodate the Strange Magnetic Pick-Up Collar. This yoke has extra chrome moly in critical areas, and it is finished with a black oxide.

Guidelines and Torque spec

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