Strange M12-1.5 x 50mm Stud Kit


Part Number: A1035

For Axles Drilled And Tapped M12-1.5

Kit Includes:
M12-1.5 x 50mm Grade 8 Fully Threaded Bolts
– Threads are rolled for maximum strength
– Thin .200″ hex head provides additional clearance
– 3/4″ wrench size

.0625″ Hardened Washers
– Prevents galling
– Ensures hex remains true to backside of axle flange

Length is measured from underneath the hex to end of the threads

1/2″-20 Kits
For 2″…. See A1025
For 3″…. See A1026


50mm (M12 x 1.5) stud kit with .0625 washers- 10 pcs