5/8" Stud Kit with .875" Wide Shank Includes Lug Nuts & .438" Thick Washers


Part Number: A1037

For Axles Drilled And Tapped 5/8″-18

Kit Includes:
5/8″-18 Chrome Moly Studs
– Threads are rolled for maximum strength
– Internal 1/4″ hex to facilitate installation
– Zinc Phosphate coated to resist corrosion
– .686″ OD x .875″ wide shoulder to properly locate wheel

Rotor hat width & wheel thickness will determine proper shoulder length
Shoulder should exceed combination but not beyond washer width

Thin Head Self-Locking Nuts
– Ensures positive retention of wheel stud
– Provides additional backside clearance
– 15/16″ wrench size

.438″ Wide Aluminum Washers
– Reduces marring on wheel face from flanged lug nut
– Keeps lug nut from bottoming-out on stud shoulder

5/8″-18 Flanged Lug Nuts
– Provides secure clamping force
– 15/16″ wrench size

Additional Kits
Different Width Washers
For .250″……………. See A1037S
For .688″……………. See A1037L

Other Shank Lengths
For 0.775″…….. See A1036
For 0.875″…….. See A1037MD (For Strange 2 pc Pro Stock axles)
For 1.188″…….. See A1038
For 1.500″…….. See A1039
For 1.875″…….. See A1041


5/8 x 18 stud kit with .875 shank (.438 washer)

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File