C-Clip Eliminator Kit For Strange Alloy Axles Fits 05-14 Mustang 8.8 With OEM Housing Ends


Part Number: A1099ST

2005-2014 Ford Mustang 8.8 With OEM Housing Ends

Includes aluminum caliper mounts to adapt OEM GT or 2007-2012 GT500 brakes
Simple modification to housing ends required- See instruction sheet

Strange Alloy axles made specifically for this kit
Normally supplied in a Strange Axle Package or purchased as a replacement kit

Utilizes Timken® Tapered Unit Bearings Allowing For Street / Strip Use

This Kit Includes:
Billet aluminum caliper mounts to accept GT brakes or 2007-2012 GT500 brakes
Aluminum inner halves
Timken® Tapered Unit Bearings
Bearing spacer/reluctor ring adapters
Locking rings
Outer seals
Housing end bolts
Hardened washers- Use with OEM caliper mounting bolts

Notes For ABS
This kit will work with factory reluctor rings
Read instructions carefully beforehand as assembly order is crucial

OEM reluctor rings are available for purchase- (2) A1098I


Ford 05-10 Mustang 8.8 eliminator kit with caliper mounts for Strange custom Alloy axles

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File