Chevy 10 & 12 Bolt Street / Strip Eliminator Kit
For OEM Small GM Housing Ends
With OEM or Strange C-Clip Style Axles


Part Number: A1033

Designed For Street & Strip
This kit contains tapered bearings

Chevy 10 & 12 Bolt Passenger Cars
With OEM Small GM housing ends & factory drum brakes *

* Aftermarket disc brakes if specifically designed for this kit

OEM GM or Strange Replacement C-Clip Axles

• Billet aluminum inner and outer halves
• Tapered bearings ensure long bearing life
• Adapter collars
• Locking rings
• Outer seals
• Gaskets
• Grade 8 bolts
• Two studs with locking nuts & washers *

* Required to clear some shock mounts


Many NHRA Classes require use of a C-Clip Eliminator type axle bearing.

Strange Engineering has led the industry with an innovative focus. During the early 1970s Strange brought the C-Clip Eliminator to the market.

Under the extreme affects of drag racing, axles that are held in using only a small c clip can lead to disastrous results. If the c-clip breaks or simply comes off, the wheel and the full axle may come out of the rear housing. This can be a hazard to vehicle occupants and bystanders, alike. By using the Strange 12 Bolt C-Clip Eliminator Kit you get rid of the C-clips in your rear end, and can ensure that the axle remains inside the housing.

The Strange C-Clip Eliminator Kit helps make the rear axle safer and more durable. The lightweight aluminum housing bolts up to the axle tube with simple modifications. It incorporates low friction bearings that have a reduction in rotational loss. It incorporates Timken® Tapered Bearings that allow for Street or Strip use. This kit can be used with drum brakes and some aftermarket disc brakes.


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Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File